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10 Weekend DIY Home Improvement Projects

by Bold Commerce Collaborator July 28, 2018

The weather has turned frigid, the Christmas tree has been hauled to the dump, and the holiday leftovers are long gone. Now's a perfect time to batten down the hatches and spend your weekend working on those home improvement projects you've been meaning to get around to.

Here are 10 weekend DIY home improvement projects that you can tackle, starting this very weekend!

1. Create a grand entrance

Revamping your front door with a fresh coat of cheery paint can do wonders for your home's curb appeal. To add even more oomph, consider switching out tired hardware for something brand-new. A colorful welcome mat and tall potted plants flanking the door create an elegant entry.

2. Add Dimension With Molding

Plain neutral walls are boring. Use narrow strips of molding to create a picture-frame effect on dining room or living room walls. This project's an easy way to create an upscale paneled look with little money or effort.

3. Install Medicine Cabinets

Spruce up a powder room by replacing your nondescript block wall mirror with two individual medicine cabinets. The new cabinets will create a custom look in your bathroom, while boosting your storage space. Take it one step further by swapping out the light fixtures for new lighting that complements your cabinets.

4. Lay a Runner on the Steps

Wood stairs are beautiful, but they're made even more so with the addition of a stair runner. If carpet isn't your thing, no worries -- simply painting the individual stair treads will cover scuffs and brighten your walk.

5) Stencil an Accent Wall

With some practice, paint stencils are surprisingly easy to get the hang of. Paint stencils in intriguing patterns add high impact "wow" to an accent wall. This project would be terrific in a kid's bedroom or playroom.

6. Repurpose a Vintage Piece

Paint a vintage piece in two tones to create a one-of-a-kind nightstand or side table. Use an unexpected color pairing, such as grey and teal or yellow and navy, to add modern flair to a piece with antique lines.

7. Retile your Floor

With a little grit, retiling your bathroom can be accomplished in one weekend. Black-and-white tile is a fresh, classic choice that works with most decor and paint colors.

8. Freshen up With Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is one of the most-user friendly DIY options because of the forgiving nature of its finish. Use chalk paint to add color to almost any wooden surface -- your kitchen table or chairs can be "like new" after a simple coat of chalk paint.

9. Create a Staircase Gallery

Arrange framed photos, art, and gorgeous accents ascending the wall of your staircase for a stunning decorator touch. You can use paper cut-outs to lay out the design before you hang your pieces. Removable strips on the walls allow you to avoid nail holes for a relatively painless (and easily removable!) project.

10. Create a Unique Storage Cabinet

A vacant hutch or armoire can transform into a china and glass cabinet with some paint and contact paper. Creating a custom piece lends visual interest to your dining area AND more storage for your plates and glasses -- so it's a win-winse your creativity this weekend to embark on a DIY project of your own and welcome 2016 with a more beautiful home!

Bold Commerce Collaborator
Bold Commerce Collaborator